Grain Storage

The Grain Storage Facility which is part of the newly built production site Silo Facility with Feed Kitchen under Measure 121 "Modernization of Agricultural Holdings" has a gross construction area of 1,634.66 sq.m. and consists of six grain silos with a total capacity of 3,600 (three thousand six hundred) cubic meters each; grain unloader with elevator tower and wet grain silo; module for rapid grain overloading with a capacity of 70 (seventy) cubic meters and a drying compartment with dryer.

The grain is taken over, placed and stored in operational, temporary or long-term manner in batches, distinguished by quality and depending on the condition of the grain mass, by humidity, content of impurities, pest infestation, health status.

The implemented Feed materials quality and safety management system is strictly and responsibly observed in the input control and the grain storage.

The silo facility has an implemented Ventilation and Permanent Thermal Control System related to the control of the most sensitive indicator of grain storage – the temperature. Using a software product, there is constant access to the measurements of the digital thermal control system when storing grain crops in the silos.

The silo facility is under the control of a certified company that applies Integrated pest management (IPM) methods in connection with the introduction of European safety requirements, which limit the use of biocidal products and achieves the absence of insects and rodents.

The purpose of the pest management is to ensure pests removal by means of corrective measures and precautions, devices for monitoring pests activity and the use of biocidal products, where necessary.