Mission And Vision

VDK-DAPALIS LTD relies on quality products for the treatment of the seeds, the production and the cultivated lands, on reliable and suitable agricultural machinery and equipment, on personnel that is qualified and knowledgeable regarding the relevant requirements.

In connection with the production of feed, VDK-DAPALIS LTD is committed responsibly for the development, implementation and maintenance of a Feed safety management system in accordance with the requirements of Regulation 183 of 2005 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 12th January 2005, laying down requirements for feed hygiene. The company is strictly guided by the implemented HACCP Plan, which is a guarantee for the production of safe foods in accordance with all the statutory requirements and customer requirements.

VDK-DAPALIS LTD has complete control over all stages of the grain storage process, providing automated process of active ventilation with humidity control and permanent thermal control.

VDK-DAPALIS LTD applies preventive measures in order to protect raw materials and finished products and to eliminate any risk of consuming products that are dangerous to animal health. For this purpose, systematic disinsection and deratization activities and monitoring by a certified body according to an approved program are performed in the production site.

VDK-1 LTD is guided by the implemented integrated quality and environmental management system in accordance with ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

VDK-1 LTD works professionally and correctly with its partners. The main priorities of the company are the quality, the stability, the use of high quality equipment and materials for precise implementation of the technological stages. The strategic objective of the Management is to constantly improve the quality, the degree and the culture of the ecologically sound behaviour of the company in accordance with the statutory requirements, the contemporary international standards and criteria in the realization of the main tasks that the company is facing, taking into consideration the achievements and the good practices.

VDK-1 LTD strictly observes the compliance with the Waste Management Program approved by the Regional Inspectorate of Environment and Water, whose main objective is to reduce and limit the harmful impact of waste on human health and the environment, by creating an environmentally sound system for their management and the utilization of part of the generated waste in the production activity.

VDK-LES LTD performs all activities in the forest terrains responsibly, strictly observing the Forestry Act and the related normative acts. Forest protection is of paramount importance to all persons involved in the forestry industry, in relation to which the Management of VDK-LES LTD has a program with specific measures to increase control over forests activities. The logging is carried out in strict compliance with the requirements of the technological plan and the relevant documentation. In the performance of forestry activities, the company has taken responsibility for protecting water flows, soil conservation and erosion prevention, limiting damages to remaining tree roots and their resumption, waste management, implementation of labour legislation and ensuring Safe and healthy working conditions.